In the world of cosmetic surgery, rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, is a common procedure. Rhinoplasty comes from the word rhinos, which means nose, and plassein, which means to shape. In recent times, a nose job is a common procedure done to improve one’s looks. Yet, the procedure has a long history dating back to Egyptian times. If you want to know more about the brief history of the nose job, then you have come to the right spot! For other inquiries on services go to now!

Ancient Times
The first accounts of a nose job was in ancient Egypt. The year was 3,000 B.C. and it was common for the time to deform a man’s nose on purpose as punishment of crime. Of course, people wanted to “repair” their nose, thus the nose job was born.
In around 500 B.C., In India, a man named Sushruta developed a technique known as forehead flap rhinoplasty. Even the new modern version of the surgery is still mainly based on the ancient technique. Places like Seattle, and really the whole world. 
In Roman Times, Aulus Cornelius Celsus published a book known as De Medicina. The book was largely about surgical procedures, including various techniques for reconstructing the nose.
Because of the medical compilations of the past, the modern nose job techniques and procedures made significant improvements.
During 1950’s, an Italian surgeon named R. Gasparo Talgliacozzi was one of the true innovators of facial plastic surgery. He mostly treated soldier’s deformities and battle wounds. He then published a book entitled “The Surgery Of Defects by implantation”. The book was groundbreaking in terms of advancement. The book was thorough in illustrations and diagrams, including post-op patient surgery techniques.

In the 1800’s, facial surgery underwent a surge of development because of the many visionary physicians of the time. Joseph Constantine Carpue, an English surgeon, published a book account of Two Successful Operations for Restoring a Lost Nose. The book outlined medical techniques for restoring noses.
In 1815, A German physician named Dr. Karl Ferdinand von Grafe, released a book detailing new and different techniques for nasal reconstruction. Dr. Von Grafe is one of the true innovators of modern facial surgery. His book described in detail more than 50 plastic surgery procedures hailing from each corner of the globe. He also made his contribution with his own free-graft nasal reconstruction procedure.
In 1887, Dr. John Orlando Roe was the first man to perform a closed rhinoplasty. He was also the first to do a cosmetic nose job. His patient was a man during his 20’s who suffered agoraphobia and extreme embarrassment because of his abnormally large nose. After the procedure, the patient reported to have a significant increase in the quality of his life. The procedure was a milestone in the world of plastic surgery.

In the past, a nose job was not that refined compared to today’s standards. However, the past improvements paved way for today’s nose job advancement. These days, rhinoplasties aim at improving looks and at the same time improve the breathing of the patient. A lot of movie stars have undergone a nose job like John Wayne, Rita Hayworth and Marilyn Monroe, making the procedure fashionable. There was a time in which a nose job was reserved for the famous and wealthy. However, because of today’s advancement, the procedure is already in reach for most people. This is true for Seattle Rhinoplasty and any other location.